About SD Refinery

SD Refinery’s proprietary sentence data processing technology has been specifically designed, developed and refined since 2006. It leverages data science methodology with narrow AI core capabilities that include the ability to extract written data, analyze sentences word by word, transact by applying key data points, and load the data into a data warehouse or analytic dashboard. The platform is highly configurable out of the box.

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Our Vision and Strategy

Our vision is to be the best in the World at making sentence data actionable for our business clients by creating operational metrics from sentences written by professionals

Our strategy is to make businesses smarter and more productive by using our technology to provide operational metrics that measure performance and identify critical events and states that did or did not happen

Our Principles

Integrity - we do what we say we'll do

Honesty - timely and completely

Transparency - without masks or deception

Value - long-term, identifiable, sustainable value for our clients

Rewards - sharing success with employees and stakeholders

Our Company

  • Proprietary technology developed and refined since 2006
  • Industry thought leaders with 30+ years of experience in insurance and technology
  • Proven software solutions that improve operational efficiency and metrics
  • Selected by Global Insurance Accelerators as a cohort to showcase innovative products

Our People

  • Rock J. Schindler, President and CEO

    “We solve problems by refining data one word at a time”

    Judith L. Haddad, Chief Information Officer

    “Our passion is to take sentence data and make it actionable”

    Steven M. Lonergan, Chief Business Development Officer

    “Let us help you maximize your company’s performance!”

    Dean H. Nelson, Chief Architect and Software Developer

    “The road to success is led by data scientists and knowledge engineering”

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of SD Refinery capabilities, please send us a note