Starting From Scratch

A man sitting at a table with a laptop.

By Luke Coelho, SDRefinery Summer Intern – 2022 As a data science major entering my senior year, I was excited to land an internship with a company where I could gain some practical experience with data. My excitement was both amplified and cautioned by the fact that I’d never heard of either sentence data or…

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Is Your Company Missing a Big Opportunity?

A black and white dartboard with three red arrows on it.

An undisputed fact is that in the period from March, 2020 to present, business processes in almost every industry changed significantly. Whenever a business process changes, so do the associated risks.

The changes in business processes emanating from the pandemic highlighted a fact that most every seasoned executive in the industry already knows: things are changing all of the time.

The faster insurance companies learn to tap the wealth of knowledge in their sentence data, the faster they will identify the changes and understand the new universe of opportunities for operational improvement in underwriting and claims.

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Knowledge = Conversations

Two women sitting at a table with laptops.

Conversations are the way in which knowledge is exchanged. Knowledge about what’s happening to who, when, where, how and why. All of that knowledge is facts, circumstances and decisions that we call sentence data.

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Basic Explainer Video of SDRefinery AI – Oct, 2020

A woman sitting at her desk with two other people.

I invite you to watch the following animation video that uses insurance claims to demonstrate the inherent conflict between systems and sentence data. It is followed by an illustration of the opportunity to radically improve the speed and efficiency of managing risk and increasing operating margins.

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