Client Testimonials Abour our Products

"I would recommend any manager in a claims department be involved with SDRefinery AI ... they enable me to be a better manager and have a better team."

AMD Claims Manager, Multi-line Insurer

"SDRefinery AI's technology enabled me to spot a problem in less than 2 minutes that otherwise would have taken me several days or weeks to identify."

Claims Executive, International Reinsurer

"The team was very impressed with your work and expertise. That is very high praise as they are not easily impressed."

CEO,  A State Comp Fund

"SDRefinery AI has been great to work with and their technology and process is unique and innovative. The value of distilling unstructured sentence data to usable insights is obvious."

Claim Executive, Leading Specialty Insurer

"Prior to SDRefinery AI, we could only audit contact times quarterly because it was too time consuming. Now they provide us with contact time for every claim by claim rep giving us faster recognition of problems."

Claims Manager, Multi-line Insurer

"With little direction from us, the quality of results from SDRefinery AI exceeded our expectations."

Data Scientist, Regional Insurer

"By distinguishing critical Events & Activities, SDRefinery AI's technology can quickly and efficiently find actionable information for both underwriting and claims."

Vice President R&D, Multi-line Insurer

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Start Simple Learn Fast

Creating better outcomes and lowering expenses by identifying and removing operational inefficiencies and bottlenecks for your professional staff is our goal.

To that end, Start Simple Learn Fast is a great way for you to try out sentence data refining. For as little as $5K per month, we'll create 5 monthly operational metrics for you.

We do this by refining your notes and narrative sentence data into measures of operational performance.

You can get started for $0 implementation costs, regardless if you're running a 1995 homegrown system or a 2022 Guidewire.

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Revolutionize the Management of Your Claim Team

People use judgment to adjust and settle claims. How do you know when your adjusters are apply good judgment? How do you identify when it is lacking? Conventional measures are slow and ineffective.

We radically change the speed and efficiency of measuring and identifying key performance metrics of adjusters.

You gain immediate access to the identification of what is working and what isn't ... and who is getting it right and who isn't.

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Management Access to the Treasure Trove

Great people produce great results. But, how do insurance carriers create great customers, great underwriters or great claim adjusters?

We offer management access to the treasure of knowledge that exists in the written narrative created by customers, underwriters, risk services and claim adjusters. This treasure is cultivated and grown each and every day.

We provide access to the treasure with two never-before available tools to measure underwriters and adjusters handling of risk.

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Underwriter Value Based Metrics

Technology reads all underwriter notes and narrative for every account and measures the actions of each underwriter in 15 key areas.

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Adjuster Value Based Metrics

Technology reads all adjuster notes for every claim and then measures the actions of adjusters in 15 key areas.

Underwriting Exposure Management

Uncertainty and risk drive the need for innovation. Change is an outgrowth of innovation. For insurance carriers, the industry we've known only exists in the selection of codes by which risk is classified. This isn't good or right.

Let us introduce you to freedom from codes. We'll give you the ability to see and understand risk, exposure and aggregations faster and more efficiently than anything you've ever experienced.

You Provide

 account narratives from underwriters 

We Deliver

 charts and graphs with results 

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Critical Capabilities for Everybody

The unstructured sentence data created throughout insurance carriers has applicability and applications for a myriad opportunities to create operational efficiencies.

If people are writing it, then there is value to harnessing the knowledge contained in it.

Our core capabilities are SENTENCE AI and SUMMARY AI. We use these capabilities to serve many different end uses. We don't care where the data starts or where the information is needed. We're right in the middle finding it and serving it to you.

Two great examples are applications for Medical Records and Casualty Claim files. These identify critical Events & Activities and summarize in a variety of end uses.

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SENTENCE AI is a proprietary technology that cleans, tags and extracts according the specific needs of clients.

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SUMMARY AI is a proprietary technology that examines, organizes and aggregates based on the specific needs of clients.

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Claim File Summary

In 30 seconds or less, we'll transform a 100+ page claim file into a 1 page summary

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Medical Record Summary

Identifies and summaries key pieces of medical information in individual medical records