SD Refinery Completes the 2019 Global Insurance Accelerator Program

PLYMOUTH, MN, April 24, 2019 – Sentence Data Refinery, Inc. (“SD Refinery”) is pleased to announce that it has completed the 100 day Global Insurance Accelerator (“GIA”) program in Des Moines, IA. The people making this program successful are too many to mention. However, the key constituents include both the numerous GIA mentors that contributed hundreds of hours and the investor companies that continually provided access to executives providing critical feedback.

Everything in the GIA worked very efficiently because of the efforts of Brian Hemesath, Megan Brandt and Amy Nebons. Their leadership and dedication was evident for every day of the program. SD Refinery offers Brian, Megan and Amy a special Thank You along with recognition of Nicole Cook, the incoming Managing Director and successor to Brian.

The program was consummated with the Global Insurance Symposium. SD Refinery presented its business as part of the Symposium. This presentation was live-streamed and can be found at this link:

Principal, Steve Lonergan commented: “The program was truly valuable to our company. The feedback we received on product design, sales and marketing strategy and the opportunities for our innovative technology was invaluable.”

CEO, Rock Schindler, reflected on the program: “The GIA was a great success for SD Refinery in many ways including the enormous number of connections with prospective customers and advocates. We were excited to find the marketplace having a broader appetite for our technology than we originally anticipated”.

About SD Refinery: SD Refinery helps companies objectively measure events and activities in underwriting, claim and operational files by reading and interpreting sentence data with amazing speed and accuracy.