SD Refinery Welcomes Steven Lonergan

PLYMOUTH, MN, January 14, 2019 – Sentence Data Refinery, Inc. (“SD Refinery”) is pleased to announce the addition of industry veteran Steve Lonergan who has joined the executive team as Principal, Sales & Marketing.

Rock Schindler, Chief Executive Officer, commented-

I am very pleased that an executive with such a broad and diverse background chose to join SD Refinery. Steve’s knowledge of insurance, reinsurance and risk management is both wide and deep. His insights and understanding of the insuretech and insurance industry will be invaluable as we pursue opportunities to continue to grow and expand SD Refinery’s focus on bringing a unique and beneficial advantage to companies with our ClaimMeasure product.

He will also provide strategic direction on the other
ClaimMeasure products and underwriting products SD Refinery is developing.
These products are uniquely powered by SD Refinery’s technology that reads and
interprets sentence data with amazing speed and accuracy.

SD Refinery, as previously announced, was recently selected
to be a participant in the 2019 Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA) program (
 As we finish our first year of operations,
we are extremely excited to have Steve on board to also be part of our GIA team
working with the industry’s leading innovators at the GIA and with other
prospective clients for our core ClaimMeasure product.

Lonergan commented –

In the decades I have been involved in the insurance,
reinsurance and risk management market, I have seen hundreds of technological
innovations. However, the claims function continues to rely on subjective,
cumbersome and inefficient audits to evaluate claims and claim management
processes. Our ClaimMeasure tool reads and interprets every sentence, in every
note, in every claim file and scores every claim and applicable claim-related
process on a 100-point system to quickly and objectively measure performance.
Using this tool, management can adapt procedures to optimize ultimate claim
settlement values and promote proactive and efficient claims handling

More importantly, there are wide-ranging applications of the
SD Refinery technology. While “big data” and “machine learning” tools have taken
center stage recently with powerful tools, SD Refinery fills a critical gap by
objectively measuring events and activities in claim and underwriting files
that did happen, did not happen or may happen. Identifying events and
activities “in context” gives management the ability to go beyond traditional benchmarking
and time and dollar metrics. This leads to proactive business owners getting
actionable data before flaws are manifest in unexpectedly high claims
settlements or poor underwriting outcomes.

About The Sentence Data Refinery Inc.

SD Refinery is a privately held technology company that identifies and measures events and activities in business sentence data. Their technology reads and interprets sentence data with speed and accuracy.

For more information about SD Refinery, contact Rock J.
Schindler at