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Refining Sentence Data One Word at a Time

The key to unlocking the treasure trove of knowledge in your sentence data is based on our ability to identify and extract critical Events & Activities that happened, did not happen or may happen about any topic.

This is the exact thing that happens when you read sentence data manually. We're simply using technology to do it faster, better and cheaper.

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Insureds, Underwriting, Claims and Risk Services

We have a very long list of Use Cases where our technology can be used as a game-changer. And the list grows longer every day!

Check out below three of our favorites.

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  • Sentence Data Refining reads thousands of underwriter notes and account narratives
  • Consistently identifies 2-3 times more exposures than client's underwriting system
  • Provides critical information to eliminate key exposures with excess risk in a fraction of the time compared to conventional process
  • ROI ~350%
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  • Every claim department is concerned about the handling of claims and poor outcomes
  • Sentence Data Refining reads thousands of claim notes
  • Identifies critical operational metrics about the handling of individual claims and the activities of handlers
  • Quick problem identification leads to immediate corrective action with both claims and handlers
  • ROI 200%+
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Medical Records

  • Clients incurring excessive amount of time to identify critical information in medical records
  • Using Sentence Data Refining to read inbound medical records on PDF, TIF and JPEG files
  • Distinguishing affirmative events versus non-affirmative events for surgeries, treatments and comorbidities
  • ROI ~200%

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