We Solve the Most Complex Problem
Facing the Insurance Industry Today

Create new perspective into
insurance carrier operations

Tap into the Knowledge Repository

Systems don't create results ... People create results

People make decisions and those decisions impact results

SDRefinery AI unlocks the knowledge underlying those decisions


Manually reading information is slow and inefficient

SDRefinery AI breaks apart the sentences ... and assembles the pieces... according to the needs of clients

• Highly configurable to the unique needs of every customer

• Fully transparent

• Operates seamlessly with any system

3 Step Technology Solution 3

Operational Executives find breakthroughs
in Unstructured Sentence Data

Proven results from executives that found answers in Sentence Data

  • 33% decrease in expense to review files
  • 66% decrease in amount of time to review files
  • 93% reduction in amount of time to identify problem
  • 200% increase in number of fraudulent claims identified
  • 300% more shoulder injury costs from identified cause
  • 400% more insured accounts with identified exposure

Sentence Data: New Term ... Familiar Term

  • What is sentence data?
  • Why do I care about sentence data?
  • How can it improve my operating results?

Introducing ClaimMeasure a Powerful New Management Tool

SDRefinery AI Technology Reads Claim Note Sentences Fast! Break apart the sentences and assemble the pieces according to leading claim experts

Traditional Method

People read claim files to identify issues and opportunities

  • People get tired and distracted
  • People go to meetings
  • People take phone calls and answer email
  • People tweet, text and surf

Our New Method

Computers can now read claim files just like people

  • Computers are fast
  • Computers read every sentence the same way
  • Computers don't leave the office or get distracted
  • Computers don't have opinions

ClaimMeasure Sets New Standards

  • Leveraging adjuster notes for a broader view of claim management and value opportunities
  • Creating performance metrics of an entire population of claims
  • Establishing a comprehensive and unparalleled view of each claim

ClaimMeasure is a new claim evaluation tool for efficient and objective management of claims

  • EVALUATE the entire population rather than just a sample of claims
  • DISTINGUISH when critical events did happen, did not happen or might happen
  • IDENTIFY critical behavior patterns for moving on opportunities with claims
  • CREATE customized training for issues and problems before they become systemic