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So Many Challenges - So Many Opportunities

Claims executives face new challenges every day ranging from turnover of adjusters, shifting issues in managing claims, resolving system constraints, incorporating new technologies, and budget shortfalls.

And, what about satisfying the rising expectations of claimants for faster, better service?

Let's face it: claims executives are the first group asked to do MORE with LESS.

SDRefinery AI knows your pain. We are here to put your needs first.

Claims Leadership - New Frontier and New Opportunities

The success of any claims team is directly related to each adjuster making the right decisions at the right time on each claim. How do claim leaders determine when this is or is not happening?

We are pleased to provide ACT AI, a technology created for Claims leadership to see performance across the entire team of adjusters. ACT AI refines adjuster documentation into milestones, measurements, and metrics.

Better claim outcomes and lower expenses happen with faster, better, consistent measurement of adjuster activities across an entire population of claims.

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Measure Adjuster Operational Activities that Matter to YOU

Every claims leader has a unique set of circumstances with their team of adjusters and the infrastructure surrounding their team.

ACT AI is designed to be highly configurable as needed for measuring a the most important operational activities that impact the success of your adjusters.

Because every claims system is different, we designed ACT AI to be compatible with any system environment  - whether it is a 2023 Guidewire, a 1993 homegrown, or a an Excel spreadsheet.

From a Client's Perspective ...

Start Simple Learn Fast

Our goal is to make it safe and simple for you to use ACT AI.

From our 35 years in the industry, this means:

  • Results that matter to you
  • Fast to get started
  • Low cost of entry
  • Requires almost nothing from your IT department

Unlock a wealth of knowledge to decrease expenses, improve outcomes and increase revenue

SDRefinery AI gives executives almost instant access to the weatlh of knowledge locked in their own company's unstructured sentence data.

Our stand-alone, niche Sentence Data Refining technology is simple to use and easy to get started. It works alongside any company's policy or claim admin system.

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