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We drive operational improvement in Risk & Insurance entities

We make executives in the risk & insurance industry smarter and more effective by creating superior, fast access to what's happening, when, where, how and why with customers.

This information fuels growth, lower costs and better outcomes. It comes from the notes and narrative documentation created by insurance professionals during their interactions with customers. It is facts, circumstances and decisions that are critical to a faster, better, and more comprehensive understanding of risk.

We convert sentence data documentation into milestones, measurements and metrics that are used to drive operational improvement, decrease expenses and improve claim outcomes.

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What is Sentence Data?

Narrative documentation is what we call "Sentence Data" - original content documentation of facts, circumstances and decisions.

It is created every day in risk and insurance by insureds, agent/brokers, risk management, underwriters, and claim adjusters.

Sentence data is one type of Unstructured Data along with voice, image and video data.

The perpetual constraint of every insurance entity

You don't know what is going to happen tomorrow.

If you did, perfect systems could be created to provide you information needed to make fast, accurate decisions today and every day hereafter.

Because you can't, every insurance entity has no choice other than to code data into systems using codes based on historical data and guess about things that may happen tomorrow.

In the mean time, each day millions of critical facts, circumstances and decisions are documented in written narrative as sentence data but companies have no efficient means to harvest the information.

This creates deficient claim outcomes, bad underwriting results, and missed revenue opportunities.

Unlock a wealth of knowledge to decrease expenses, improve outcomes and increase revenue

SDRefinery AI gives executives almost instant access to the weatlh of knowledge locked in their own company's unstructured sentence data.

Our stand-alone, niche Sentence Data Refining technology is simple to use and easy to get started. It works alongside any company's policy or claim admin system.

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