Faster and Better identification, measurement and management of risk ...
Higher operating margins and Greater market share

You shouldn't have to wait months, quarters or years to find out you have a problem with improperly priced risk, poor underwriting or deficient adjusting.

If you are ignoring the sentence data from insureds, underwriters, adjusters and other sources, you are missing the 80% of the data that can answer your most important questions. Right now.

Working in the insurance and healthcare industries, we experienced first-hand the way the treasure of knowledge available in unstructured sentence data was inaccessible.

So we built the solution to fix it.

Our Sentence Data Refining™ platform transforms the way management does business today

Innovate, Accelerate and Improve

Bottom Line Results for Underwriting, Risk Management and Claims

Sentence Data Refining

Sentence Data Refining 2


Estimated amount of sentence data added daily


Estimated annual growth rate in sentence data


Average words per minute read by an adult person

Rapid growth of email, text, social media and Millennials joining the workforce is a paradigm shift

Vast growth of unstructured sentence data is overwhelming for people and systems to handle

Manually sampling and reading sentence data is increasing impractical and ineffective

We use a revolutionary approach to capturing Events & Activities from the notes and narrative created every day by professionals across your business.

For Insurance Carriers

We capture Events & Activities from underwriting, risk services and claim adjuster notes and narratives. This creates a new universe of opportunities to measure and manage risk and the people handling it.


Exposure and Underwriter Management

We give you unprecedented access to quickly and efficiently identify aggregations of risk, situations falling outside of the company underwriting policy as well as revenue opportunities from uncovered exposures. 

This increases your revenue, drives down expenses and improves operating margins while increasing customer satisfaction.


Adjuster and Claims Management

With speed and efficiency, we'll measure for you where claims and adjusters Events & Activities have gone astray or allow you to monitor improvements and measure change in performance. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly flash reports and scorecards enable you to take timely corrective actions.

This drives down claims costs and adjuster expenses and improves operating margins.


Event & Activity Identification

Using our unmatched precision, speed and granularity, we'll identify targeted Events & Activities from the entire population of narrative sentence data that you're currently trying to sample, read manually or use machine learning to understand.

If you want the details, we'll give them to you. If you want us to summarize them into an end-user report, we got it covered.

Common Goal

In Healthcare

We focus on the narrative sentence data in office visit reports, pre-op reports, operative reports and post-op reports. We capture the Events & Activities related to a wide range of surgical activities and make this information actionable for constituents.

Medical Records

Affirmative Event Identification

Medical records contain a lot of information. Some is more useful than others. We distinguish things like co-morbidities, surgeries and treatments that have been affirmed as positive or remarkable versus those that were affirmed as negative or unremarkable.

The information we capture is processed, packaged and delivered as needed to accommodate a wide variety of situations.

In each case, the end goal is the same of creating a dramatically more efficient process of capturing important information from medical records.

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